Support & Maintenance

Reliable remote DSpace troubleshooting

@mire provides remote technical services to assist your institution in maintaining and troubleshooting your DSpace repository.

Business Case

Technical DSpace problems should be dealt with in a timeframe that is acceptable to both your end-users and stakeholders. This is especially true in a context where DSpace serves a large base of users or is leveraged as a strategic business application. @mire's accumulated experience and high availability can be an asset to your in-house team to get any issues out of the way as fast as possible.

Rely on @mire for
  • actively monitoring for possible errors
  • analyzing incoming issues
  • resolving identified problems
  • responding to new issues within the agreed timeframe

Pricing Model

@mire offers support and maintenance in a pay per use model free of initial setup costs. Contact us to receive the applicable rates and contracts.