Initial DSpace setup on your host of choice

@mire provides remote technical services to assist your institution in the installation and initial configuration of DSpace.

Business Case

With over 10 years of experience, @mire is able to setup your DSpace fast and efficiently. Because you remain in control of the application afterwards, you retain all the benefits of choosing an open source platform.

Choosing @mire for your DSpace installation means
  • Low setup cost
  • Full control over your configuration and source code
  • Choice of host (In-house or 3rd party)
  • Choice of server operating system (Linux, Windows or Solaris)
  • Choice of database (PostgreSQL or OracleDB)

Pricing Model

We will provide you with a proposal, tailored to your choices for hosting, operating system and database. On average, it takes @mire 2 weeks to get your new DSpace installation up and running.