Modify DSpace to fully meet your institutional requirements

@mire provides remote technical services to assist your institution in the creation of new features and customizing existing ones.

Business Case

The core code of DSpace is developed as a generic platform. As a result, it is very likely that you need additional features, changes to existing features or integration with other applications to make the platform fit your intended use. To minimize compatibility issues with future releases of DSpace, @mire implements and documents these customizations in accordance with our high quality standards.
@mire provides a cost effective answer to all of these challenges.

  • Upgrade to a recent version of DSpace
  • Integration with authentication and authorization systems
  • Look & Feel implementation according to your in-house style guidelines
  • Extending existing DSpace features (workflow, embargo, submission, ...)
  • Entirely new features (Content versioning, shopping cart, ...)

Pricing Model

@mire will analyze each of your requirements and provide cost assessments for each of them. Optionally, your customizations can be released in Open Source as a suggested improvement to the DSpace platform.