Texas State University San Marcos
San Marcos, TX

Organization Description

Texas State University San Marcos is the largest institution in the Texas State University System, the sixth-largest university in Texas, and one of the fifty-five largest universities in the United States. For the 2009-2010 year, Texas State University was considered a top producer of Fulbright Fellows when two students became beneficiaries of research grants under the Fulbright Program. Texas State joined three other universities in its category to have all applicants receive fellowships. In fall 2011, the university had a record-high enrollment of 34,113 students.

Project Introduction

Bringing both functionality and content from legacy Digital Commons, ContentDM and Vireo all together into one brand new DSpace installation was the mission of this project. As these systems had been operating for quite some time, existing URLs had to remain persistent, pointing to the migrated content in the new DSpace installation.


  • Monthly statistics email update
  • Look & Feel for different collections
  • Import from ContentDM
  • Import from Digital Commons
  • Import from Vireo
  • Controlled vocabularies