Leiden University Libraries
The Netherlands

Organization Description

The history of Leiden University’s libraries goes back to 1575, when Prince William of Orange donated a copy of the Polyglot Bible. Nowadays, the collections comprise millions of books, ten thousands of magazines, hundred thousands of special collections and access to even more digital materials.
The core business of the UBL is providing information to staff and students of Leiden University for their educational and research tasks. Though staff and students of Leiden University are the primary focus of the services of the UBL, others can profit from these services as well.

Project Introduction

Leiden Repository consists of a number of repositories for Leiden University and institutes affiliated to the university. They contain both publications by scholars and student theses. Where possible the publications have been made freely accessible (Open Access). The repositories are divided into collections for various domains. @mire has upgraded the existing DSpace 1.3.2 JSPUI repository to version 1.6 XMLUI with the addition of some custom features. After this upgrade project, @mire trained the in-house staff in DSpace XMLUI development and both parties have an ongoing support agreement since for further support during development and maintenance of the repository.


  • Custom theme based on institution style
  • DSpace statistics improvement
  • Collection and community ordering and visibility customization
  • Custom embargo feature
  • Deduplication of items: removed item will redirect user to merged item