Inter-American Development Bank

Organization Description

The IDB, established in 1959 to support the process of economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean, is the main source of multilateral financing in the region. The IDB Group provides solutions to development challenges by partnering with governments, companies and civil society organizations, thus reaching its clients ranging from central governments to city authorities and businesses. In addition, it also offers research, advice and technical assistance to support key areas like education, poverty reduction and agriculture. The Bank is also active on cross-border issues like trade, infrastructure and energy.

Project Introduction

The Bank's Institutional Knowledge Repository project set off to solve the following goals: to improve inconsistent practices in cataloging of digital assets within the organizations CMS, improve accessibility and discoverability of digital assets, establish Institutionally controlled vocabularies, and finally, establish clearly defined governance & management policies. IDB has contracted with @mire since 2009 to both initially implement and provide continued support the IDB BRiK Institutional Repository platform. @Mire provided integrations with legacy bank CMS and search systems in Phase 2 of the project. By Phases 2 and 3 the first case of a fully multilingual Repository System were developed, supporting the discovery and presentation of IDB digital assets in all the banks official languages. Today, the repository continues to be managed as an agile platform with long-term investment in providing evolving solution for the bank.


  • Support for IDB controlled vocabularies
  • Automated display of related content items
  • Metadata export in a variety of different formats (Dublin Core, METS, ReDIF, ...)
  • On-demand file format conversions
  • Collection-dependent metadata profiles
  • Authorization configuration interface that plugs into the submission process
  • Submission of metadata in multiple languages
  • Integration with Bank Wide Search Platform (Vivisimo Velocity)
  • Integration with Bank Wide Content Management Service (OpenText EDocs)