Dryad digital repository

Organization Description

Dryad is an international repository of data underlying peer-reviewed articles in the basic and applied biosciences. The project emerged in 2007 after workshops held by the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center and the University of North Carolina Metadata Research Center, and is now governed in coordination with a large group of Journals and Societies. The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center is a joint effort of Duke University, the University of North Carolina, and North Carolina State University.

Project Introduction

Dryad facilitates data archiving and sharing for authors, journals, editors and publishers. Content in Dryad enables scientists to validate published findings, explore new analysis methodologies, re-purpose data for research questions unanticipated by the original authors. In 2009, @mire was hired to assist the local development team implementing specialized customizations. This work contributed to the Discovery faceted browse & search engine and Configurable Workflow features that are now part of the DSpace core release. At the beginning of 2012, Dryad contains over 3000 data files, associated with articles in over 100 journals.


  • Dataset Embargo
  • Dataset Security
  • Discovery SOLR Search System Customizations
  • Discovery enhanced Submission and Workflow views
  • Configurable Workflow
  • Item Versioning
  • Integration with EZID, DOI, DataCite and Pubmed